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Starting a New Business

If you own a small business, you may have a CPA, a bookkeeper, insurance agent, and a banker. But what about an attorney? You probably won’t need an attorney on a regular basis, but I am sure there are times, when you wish you could pick up the phone and ask a legal question on behalf of your business. Let us be your go-to law firm for legal advice. Give us a call and set up a consultation.


Business Structure

Starting a small business means there are many questions.  How will you set up the business?  This choice impacts your taxes, compliance with licensing boards, and liability issues.   Are you required to keep corporate books?  Are they up to date?

Employee Issues

Do you have employees?  You will have employee issues.  Even good issues, such as bonuses and pay increases, may need a consult from an attorney. What about payroll?  Are you following all of the laws regarding payroll?


Do you need a contract for an upcoming job?  Or are you a franchisee who needs legal assistance from your point of view.  We can review and assist with contractual issues.


Have you received notice from the Department of Labor?  What about the Texas Workforce Commission or the EEOC?  You need an experienced attorney to help plan a course of action to help you deal with issues like this. 

We specialize in being an ongoing resource for your small business. Think of us as your in-house counsel. We are just a phone call away. Our firm is prepared to assist your business with employment matters, such as preparing employee policies, consultation regarding employee discipline, assistance with claims, and representing you in any court litigation.